There is a lot of information out there online to help you plan your next adventure or stay inspired when you’re at home.  I’ve been keeping track of some of my favourites over the past few years, so if you’re up for a morning, afternoon or evening of computer-side adventure, here are some suggested destinations: 

Inspiring Adventures

Photography and great projects promoting respect in the environmental, social and cultural realms

 Environment and nature writers     

Terry Tempest Williams     

John McPhee 

Edward Abbey

Elizabeth Kolbert 

Antoine de Saint Exupery  

John Muir

Henry David Thoreau

Rock Climbing

Australian climbing resource

Australian Climbing Forum‎

Blue Mountains Canyoning

Kayaking and Canoeing

Helen Wilson and the Invisible Paddle: amazing! watch it:


Quality Mags

Thoughts on travel

Resources for Australian Outdoor Professionals

Tasmanian Climbing Instructors Association

Australian Climbing Instructors Association

Professional Association of Climbing Instructors (Australia)

National Outdoor Leadership School

International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation

Australian and New Zealand Outdoor Adventure Guide (great resource for outdoor workers)

Wilderdom: A project in natural living and transformation – outdoor games and activities

Outdoor Recreation Industry Council  

National Parks and Wildlife Service

Also, I have no relationship, professional or otherwise, to any person or organisation associated with the links above.  I have tried to avoid providing links to commercial companies or online stores.  Most are just peoples’ blogs and websites, magazines and NGO/NPFs. If you think I slipped up please let me know.

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