On Covering Ground

Why is this blog called Covering Ground?

Last week I came across this post on @renanozturk’s Instagram feed:

“Not much beats the feeling of covering ground over impeccable alpine granite. Here, @jaredleto tops out the formation in Tuolumne Meadows @yosemitenps after a long ‘simul’ climbing session racing the setting sun. #alpinewonderlands #summer #GreatWideOpen

I remember that feeling, climbing over the featureless, grey granite domes of Tuolumne.  Moving  inexplicably up, hands and feet pressing into the hard stone.  There are no hand or footholds in the smooth granite, so there is no thought, no question of how.  Just continuous upwards motion:



silent mind

after a while, things slow down.

There are lots of ways we cover ground.  We walk, run, climb, swim, bike and paddle.  We also write stories, catch up for a chat,  change jobs and make families and move to new places.  We read articles and ask questions, participate in discussions and watch clips on Vimeo.

I believe it is really important to keep moving, striving, questing, asking and exploring.  And it’s so easy to stop.  To become complacent, stagnant.  Especially when the climbing gets tough.  When the route cliffs out.  When the rapid ahead is rough.  This blog is where I try to take a deep breath.  Shake out.  Get up, walk along the riverbank and scope the line.  Then run it.

This blog is my way of covering ground.  A way of exploring ideas and sharing them, integrating my experiences and experimenting with writing.  It’s also a reminder to myself to keep moving mindfully forward and stay curious.



Whether you cover ground by moving your body, moving through the landscape or moving in the mind, I figure we’re all about the same thing: adventure, embracing uncertainty and the exhilaration of covering ground.

Thanks for joining me.



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