Fungus for Friends

I have a couple of friends who are mad about mushrooms. Who have a fetish for fungus. A liking for lichen.  Ok, enough with the wordplay, I need to get to the point or I won’t have mushroom left for the photos!  Ok, now I’m really done.

I don’t know whether it was my friends’ influence or the fact that, walking in Tasmania and New Zealand, you come across some truly brilliant, unique and genuinely cool shrooms, but on my hikes in 2013 I found myself completely taken by these symbiotic species.  I spent some time with the lichens, mosses and mushrooms which clung to tree trunks, snuck around branches – shapely, resilient, fluorescent – and found in myself a humbling appreciation for their variety, hardiness and vulnerability. Check out these guys. 





IMG_3178 IMG_3179 IMG_3184 IMG_3226








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