Friday Furry Things: Wallaby


A five minute walk from the Whitewater Wall campsite in Freycinet National Park finds you at the classic pink and white granite cliffs famous for their excellent traditional climbing.  Possums and wallabies are prolific here, and quite accustomed to human presence.  This wallaby had absolutely no concerns hopping right into our campsite and poking around while we organised our racks and ropes for the next day.  No doubt this is due in part to the expectation of being fed.  I’m sad to say that shortly after taking this photo I stood to my full height and did my best to get the wallaby to head back into the bush and forage for himself.  Tough love.


2 responses to “Friday Furry Things: Wallaby

    • Thank you so much! I’m really enjoying reading your musings too. Some of them take me back to places I’ve been and it’s a lot of fun to see them from a new perspective 🙂

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