Mt Arapiles

. . . Keep your life at arm’s length

Chin up, train and smile

and pitch your tent among the Gods

at the place they call the Piles.


– Mike Law


Right now, as I sit at home contemplating my one day off before ten days of hectic work and study, a bunch of my friends are chilling at the Pines campground, contemplating ten days of climbing, bouldering, billabong swimming and stumpy-bothering. This, along with the fact that I’m reading Law Unto Himself* by Mike Law at the moment, inspired me to share a few photos of climbing and dirtbagging at Arapiles over the past six years.


Arapiles has a hold over me and I’m not alone. Today in the mundanity of daily life, just taking a moment to revisit the elation, terror, pride, panic and pure fun of climbing there fills me with peace. If you are a climber and you haven’t climbed at Araps, what can I say? Do it.


* a new book by Mike Law, one of Australia’s most illustrious and irreverent climbers. It’s a crazy book filled with super-understated stories of wild climbing adventures and misadventures. An awesome read.


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